Check5 Quick Gym tips and guidelines. How to get the most out of your training and avoid the dreaded "McDojo" read more
  1. Attitude
    Humility is the key word here. Any gyms filled with ego are gyms that should be avoided. Bear in mind also the more arrogant somebody is generally, the less they actually know NOT the other way around. Respect should always be reciprocal, regardless of skill / experience.
  2. Equipment and facilities
    You need to feel comfortable with the environment and make sure the right tools are provided. They should have mats (that area cleaned regularly, staph infections are not fun), with large open areas (mma guys need a cage / ring). Ample, clean training gear should also be accessible.
  3. Skilled, trustworthy training partners
    If the skill/knowledge level at a gym is not high you can safely assume you wont be able to progress past that level. Training partners need to know how to spar intelligently, slowly with control and technique to avoid injury and while experimenting new techniques but also ferociously when appropriate - balance is key. Also make sure the guys have legit fighting records (any 'undefeated on the streets' can pretty much just be laughed off). One idea is to use the internet to research and confirm credibility.
  4. Trainer(s)
    Trainers should be highly knowledgeable in their area of specialty. That being said no trainer knows it all, the syllabus is just far too large. A good trainer will embrace other trainers and sharing of knowledge. Any coach that doesn't 'condone' training with other coaches, is a coach you don't need. This is especially true with mma where a wide range of skills are necessary such as wrestling, striking and submissions.
    (yes its that important.) They should be committed to you, engaged and involved in your progress. A good trainer will never put you down, or try to hinder experimentation and willing to pour their knowledge, heart and soul into you.

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